Val's Vision

As Georgians, we live in a beautiful state with great natural environments, strong business acumen, and, perhaps most importantly, citizens who care. The concern for our state will push us into a future in which we will all thrive. The potential is there for all Georgians to live long, healthy, and prosperous lives, not just the wealthy, the connected, or the lucky. But there is still work to be done to reach that goal. I am running to be the 3rd Congressional District Representative so that I can fight for what is best for our communities, our state, and our country.

Economic Development

My commitment to fostering a thriving economy extends beyond the 3rd Congressional District. I envision a Georgia where all residents can prosper in all 159 counties, not just the affluent ones. While Georgia is known as one of the top states for business, we must strive to make it one of the best places in the country to work, live, and retire. The key to achieving high-quality employment is by investing in small businesses and the essential assets that all companies require, such as a well-educated workforce and robust infrastructure within the 3rd Congressional District. Implementing policies that support workers, remove barriers to opportunity, and promote success for every family is the path to lifting up all Georgians.

Upon assuming office in 2021, President Biden inherited an economy in turmoil, a worsening pandemic, declining employment, and a financial system teetering on the edge. Through collaboration with President Biden, Democrats successfully vaccinated all Americans, stabilized the financial system, averted a second Great Depression, and generated millions of new jobs.

I will fight to guarantee that all Georgians could succeed and that all working families can enjoy economic security. We must work hard to extend relief to every Georgian so that no one is left behind. Republicans provided taxes cuts for the wealthy. In contrast, Democrats are fighting to provide relief for working families, help small businesses and homeowners, and strengthen consumer protections. Despite COVID-19’s effect on almost every industry in our economy, we must provide relief for hardworking Americans who’ve lost employment through no fault of their own. I will not be satisfied until every Georgian who wants to work can find quality employment. We will meet the challenges of this modern century by stimulating job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, and investing in clean-energy technologies and small businesses.

Together, we will!


As the job market evolves, requiring higher levels of education, more Americans are pursuing tertiary education opportunities. However, the rising costs of tuition and associated fees have outpaced wage growth, leaving students with substantial debt and reduced ability to repay it. This growing student loan debt has created widespread issues affecting the country’s social and economic well-being.

It is imperative that we make public colleges and universities tuition-free for middle and low-income families, as well as make community colleges and trade schools tuition-free. When K-12 education was made compulsory over a century ago, a publicly funded 12th-grade education provided sufficient skills to succeed in the job market. However, this is no longer the case. It is time to modernize our public education system and invest in tuition-free higher education.


We have made significant strides in combating climate change and safeguarding our nation’s public lands, waterways, and air quality. The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency have introduced new fuel economy standards, while the EPA has taken measures to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.

However, climate change remains one of our country’s most pressing challenges. Addressing this urgent threat could position America as a global leader in clean energy, creating prosperity through millions of green, well-paying jobs. Collaboration among everyday citizens, the scientific community, the public sector, and private industry is essential to confronting our most significant environmental challenges and transitioning to a more sustainable future.

President Biden and the Democratic Party have pledged to prioritize the protection of our waterways, air, coasts, and communities from environmental hazards. If elected to Congress, I will work tirelessly to mitigate the impacts of climate change, preserve Georgia’s natural resources, and ensure the quality of our air, water, and land for present and future generations. I will advocate for strengthening these protections and promoting green jobs in environmental conservation for the people of Georgia. Additionally, I will support policies that address climate change and prioritize the preservation of our environment to benefit our citizens and promote economic prosperity.

As your representative for the 3rd Congressional District, I will strive to:
• Support the advancement of renewable energy, in line with Georgia’s initiatives.
• Fight for environmental justice to ensure that our low-income communities do not bear the brunt of pollution.
• Protect our communities from the impacts of climate change.

For a stronger Georgia — a stronger America, full inclusion and equal rights are essential for everyone. I believe that every American is equal regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnicity or national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or age. Democrats have a long and proud record of defending civil rights and expanding opportunity for all Americans. From the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009 to John Lewis Voting Right Act to For the People Act, Democrats have fought to end discrimination in all forms. I plan to uphold that legacy.

I am committed to protecting voting rights, freedom of religion, women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, and equal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals. No matter who you are, who you love, where you’re from, how you worship, or your political affiliation, I believe in treating every person with basic human dignity and respect. Only when every person and family has ensured the freedom and opportunity to thrive will we truly succeed.

As your 3rd Congressional District Representative, I will fight to:

  • Champion robust anti-discrimination laws to advance protections for all workers
  • Protect LGBTQ+ individuals from violence and work to end the epidemic of violence against the transgender community, particularly transgender women of color. 
  • Work collaboratively with legislators to ensure that protections against harassment are robust, comprehensive, and just for all citizens.

        Ensure fair treatment of all individuals in the criminal justice system.

Together, we can make a better Georgia.

Vote for me! I will fight for you.

Voting Rights

Voting is a foundational principle of our democracy and should never be taken for granted. It’s crucial to focus not only on presidential elections but also on local representatives, as they shape federal policy and help shape state and county strategies.

Voter Registration Application

To register to vote, you must:

– Be a citizen of the United States
– Be a legal resident of your county
– Be at least 17 1/2 years of age to register and 18 years of age to vote
– Not be serving a sentence for conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude
– Have not been found mentally incompetent by a judge

Register now to vote online or download a fillable, postage-paid voter registration application in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Please provide your information on the form, print it, and mail it. To view or print this form, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download from Adobe) on your computer.

Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, accessible and affordable for all working families. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has provided peace of mind to millions by preventing denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions, it remains under threat. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the inadequacies of our healthcare system, revealing the need for significant improvements. No American should have to choose between their health and financial stability.

As someone who has experienced the healthcare system from multiple perspectives—as a student, a provider, a patient (surviving prostate cancer), and a family member of a patient—I understand the urgent need for change. My battle with cancer exposed me to the exorbitant costs of essential medical services, prescriptions, devices, and repeated office visits. American healthcare is in crisis, requiring someone with a deep understanding of science and healthcare systems to address its challenges and prioritize community health and safety.

If elected as your representative for the 3rd Congressional District, I will work closely with President Biden to expand Medicaid, protect Medicare and Social Security, and lower the costs of medication, drugs, groceries, and gas. I will also advocate for integrating mental health counseling services into the healthcare system, using state and federal funds to improve healthcare access in underserved and rural areas, and allocating resources to support women’s health issues.


The U.S. criminal justice system suffers from systemic bias, leading to the over-policing and overcriminalization of many Americans, especially in Black and brown communities. There are significant challenges in the interactions between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Instances of police violence, including the unjustified or excessive use of force, and in some cases, lethal force, are a growing concern.



Georgia’s economy is powered by hardworking families who deserve livable wages and safe working conditions. The right to work in a secure environment is fundamental to all Americans. Strong labor unions play a crucial role in increasing wages and job standards for workers across the economy, contributing to a robust middle class. However, many Americans, including those in Georgia, still face restrictions on advocating for greater workplace protections. There are proven benefits for employers as well, including a stable and better-trained workforce, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and improved workplace communication. I will strive to improve access to secure, quality employment and livable wages for all workers. As a proud union member, I will fight for the right to organize the workplace and protection from retaliation or intimidation by management. Congress must preserve American employees’ right to bargain for better pay, benefits, and working conditions.

Women’s reproductive rights
Women’s reproductive rights are essential to human rights, and upholding and protecting them is crucial. Denying women access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including contraception, abortion, and maternal healthcare, not only infringes on their bodily autonomy but also perpetuates gender inequality and restricts their ability to participate fully in society. It’s essential to advocate for policies and laws that safeguard women’s reproductive rights, as doing so promotes public health and ensures the well-being of individuals and communities. Let us work together to ensure that every woman has the right to make informed choices about her reproductive health without facing any stigma, discrimination, or barriers. 
Women’s reproductive rights are fundamental human rights that must be upheld and protected. Access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including contraception, abortion, and maternal healthcare, is essential for women to make autonomous decisions about their bodies, health, and futures. Denying women these rights not only violate their bodily autonomy but also perpetuates gender inequality and restricts their ability to participate fully in society. Upholding women’s reproductive rights is not only a matter of justice and equality but also essential for promoting public health and ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities. It’s crucial to advocate for policies and laws that safeguard women’s reproductive rights, allowing them to make choices about their reproductive health without stigma, discrimination, or barriers.


Rural America plays a vital role in feeding and fueling our nation and the world. A thriving rural America is crucial for our country’s success. I endorse President Biden’s initiative to rejuvenate and establish a new rural American economy for our families and the next generation, which includes:

• Creating millions of new jobs, including opportunities in rural America.
• Rescuing and revitalizing Main Street, as small businesses are the engine of our economy and the heart of our communities.
• Advocating for American farmers, ranchers, and fishers.
• Advancing racial and economic equity in rural America, addressing longstanding agricultural disparities.
• Supporting working families in rural America, including implementing numerous middle-class tax cuts.
• Expanding healthcare access in all communities.
• Extending broadband or wireless broadband through 5G to every American.
• Investing in rural public schools and colleges.
• Preserving our public lands and addressing the impacts of climate change.
• Collaborating with rural communities to ensure full access to federal resources.

Social Security was established to ensure a secure and dignified retirement, and it has become the primary source of retirement income for most seniors. However, the current benefits are not keeping pace with the increasing costs associated with a decent retirement. Congress must act swiftly to adjust Social Security benefits accordingly.

As a member of Congress, I advocate for increasing monthly benefits to provide our nation’s seniors with a sufficient income that reflects the realities of the 21st century. I am committed to opposing any efforts to privatize the program, reduce benefits, or raise the retirement age. These measures are crucial to guaranteeing that every American can retire with dignity and that Social Security remains sustainable for future generations.


As someone who legally immigrated to the United States in 1969, I believe our government must engage with undocumented individuals in a manner that reflects our values and respects human dignity. While we work on long-term solutions for our immigration system, we must immediately halt the inhumane treatment of individuals and families in the immigration process. If elected to Congress, I will strive to end unnecessary detention and close private detention facilities. We already possess practical tools for tracking and monitoring individuals. I will also propose legislation to authorize the president to negotiate with foreign countries to stem the flow of undocumented immigrants.

Whether someone arrived in the United States two hundred years ago or two hundred days ago, one thing is certain: immigrants have been the cornerstone of American strength. Immigrants have bolstered American society while enriching our culture. As an immigrant who arrived in this country in 1969, immigration is deeply personal to me. That is why it is imperative to reform our immigration system in a manner that truly honors our history, reflects our values, and respects the individuals and families involved. If elected, I will advocate for reinstating, expanding, and streamlining protections for DACA and DAPA recipients, while also working towards a legislative pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented individuals already here.


Campaign Finance

The Citizens United ruling has elevated the influence of money and corporations over the interests of the American people. This Supreme Court decision, declaring that money is speech and corporations are people, has allowed for the coexistence of big money and corruption within our political system. I advocate for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, which would remove big money from politics, reduce corruption, and refocus our political system on the interests of the American people.

Jobs for Disadvantaged Americans

Creating jobs for disadvantaged Americans is a critical priority. As a society, we can choose to invest in youth programs and education or in the industrial prison complex and incarceration. I will always advocate for the former. As a proud union member, I will work to expand apprenticeship programs and job training, which have positively impacted the training and retraining of millions of skilled laborers, leading to solid union jobs. These programs can be a vital tool in closing the investment gap for disadvantaged youth. Additionally, I will support the expansion of service programs for youth interested in giving back to their communities. Congress must commit to creating a more equitable pipeline for disadvantaged young Americans, and investment in this community is the first step.


Congress should only pursue trade agreements that prioritize workers’ dignity over companies’ interests. Too often, Congress has pursued trade policies that prioritize industry interests over those of everyday workers. If elected, I will oppose trade deals that encourage or facilitate the export of jobs overseas, depress wages, or result in capital flight. I also support a trade agenda that includes strong standards for labor, human rights, and the environment, along with robust enforcement mechanisms.

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