Val’s Vision

Val AlmonordAs Georgians, we live in a beautiful state that has wondrous natural environments, a strong business acumen and perhaps most importantly, citizens that care. It is the concern for our state that will push us into a future in which we will all thrive. The potential is there for all Georgians to live long, healthy, and prosperous lives, not just the wealthy, the connected or the lucky. But there is still work to be done. Issues that must be addressed to achieve this dream. In pursuant of this ideal, I am running for the 3rd District US Representative so that I can be on team to fight for what is best for our county, our state, and our country.

Among all the states, Georgia is ranked the nation’s third highest in number of people without health insurance (Georgia Health News). Expanding Medicaid and promoting Affordable Care Act will create a more equitable healthcare system. It means that insurance for  healthcare will be available to anyone who does not already have it. You can change your job and still have health insurance you need. Healthcare providers can open clinics anywhere in Georgia and continue to make a living. Rural hospitals will remain open to serve their patients.

Recent Trump Administration trade policies, which my opponent supports, has turn our farmers into welfare recipients. When the trade war is over, China will buy fewer products from our farmers and at lower prices because it now has other sources. I will fight to protect our farmers’ dignified way of life.

It is no secret that Georgia like the rest of the country and the world has suffered a huge deficit because of COVID-19 and will continue to suffer for years to come. If you elect me, I will support legislation that provides financial help for small businesses and low-income families. Along with other democrats, I will work for better infrastructures to support and expand a workforce that will attract new businesses to our state and specifically our district.

Your zip code should not determine the quality of education you receive. The gap in resources now go beyond, satisfactory teachers, adequate facilities, and funding. Now, the disparity in internet availability is further pushing the divide between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Online schooling now part of education is all stages and the current COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated just how out of reach that the internet as a learning resource is for some members of our communities. This is allowed for a disproportionate minority and rural students population to fall behind in their school curriculum due to lack of or slow internet connection. Internet has become a modern necessity that should be available from farms to suburbs to cities. If you elect me, I will support the legislation as part of the Federal Communications Commission mandate to require cell phone providers to expand their cell/internet service in rural areas. And I will support initiatives that call for schools providing computer to any student that could not afford one.

The right to work in a safe environment is fundamental to all Americans. Strong labor unions lead to a robust middle class. Even in 2020, so many Americans, including here in Georgia, face restrictions on their ability to advocate for greater workplace protections. There are proven benefits for employers as well, including stable and better-trained workforce, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and improved workplace communication. I will fight for the right to organize the workplace and to be protected from retaliation or intimidation by management.

Equal pay for equal work. The 1963 Equal Pay Act protects both men and women against wage discrimination, but today, in the 21st century, there is still sex and race pay discrimination. “Woman make only $0.81 for every dollar a man makes, and an African American man makes $0.87 for every dollar a white man earns”, March 31, 2020. Pay disparity is less common in unionized job. I will introduce new legislation that better protect unions right and address pay inequality.

Climate change is a reality not a hoax. I will vote to support our nation rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, which will help us slow down the climate change. Rising temperatures caused by sloppy industry is converting to stronger hurricanes, extreme droughts, flash flooding, and rising sea levels are a few examples of climate change that are in play right here in Georgia. Is that the world we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?

Vote for me! I will fight for you.

Learn how we will be working to make the 3rd District of Georgia better for all.