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As Georgians, we live in a beautiful state that has wondrous natural environments, strong business acumen, and, perhaps most importantly, citizens that care. It is the concern for our state that will push us into a future in which we will all thrive. The potential is there for all Georgians to live long, healthy, and prosperous lives, not just the wealthy, the connected, or the lucky. But there is still work to be done, issues that must be addressed to achieve this dream. In pursuant of this ideal, I am running to be the 3rd Congressional District Representative so that I can fight for what is best for our communities, our state, and our country.


Georgia is ranked third in the nation for the highest number of people without health insurance and many Georgians are suffering. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spiral out of control in Georgia, it’s critical now more than ever that we prioritize the health and safety of our communities. Georgia’s Republican leadership has demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of science and the utter lack of competencies in controlling and mitigating the spread of COVID-19. It’s going to be a tough recovery, but as someone who understands science and understands health, I have what it takes to protect Georgians in the 3rd Congressional District. I will fight to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in order to continue protections for million Americans living with pre-existing conditions or who need essential health benefits.I also will expand Medicaid in order to close the coverage gap and provide medical coverage to more than 500,000 people living in Georgia. Expanding Medicaid and promoting ACA will create a more equitable healthcare system. Read more here.


The current administration’s policies, which my opponent supports, have caused devastation to our farming communities. President Trump’s recent trade deal with China has failed to protect Georgia farmers and secured very little concessions from China. The Phase One trade deal promised a Chinese commitment to purchase $50 billion in U.S. agricultural products. However, the current administration has acknowledged that China isn’t even close to fulfilling the terms of the agreement. With US-China relations at a low point, the U.S. has very little recourse to prevent China from shirking its agricultural promise. On top of this, recent trade policies and tariffs have already done so much damage and farmers across the state are hurting. I will fight to protect our farmers’ dignified way of life. I will work with agricultural leaders and necessary stakeholders to strengthen and modernize rural communities. This much-needed investment will ensure Georgia’s hardworking farmers have access to 21st century infrastructure enabling them to preserve their quality way of life while making a living.


As your member in Congress, I will fight to guarantee that all Georgians have the opportunity to succeed and that all working families can enjoy economic security. We must work hard to extend relief to every Georgian so that no one is left behind. When Republicans cut taxes for the wealthy but not the middle class, or threaten our recovery with disastrous financial policies, Democrats will fight back. Democrats will move to provide relief for working families, provide assistance to small businesses and homeowners, and strengthen consumer protections. Despite COVID-19’s effect on almost every industry in our economy, we must provide relief for hardworking Americans who’ve lost employment through no fault of their own. I will not be satisfied until every Georgian who wants to work can find quality employment. We will meet the challenges of this modern century by stimulating job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, and investing in clean-energy technologies and small businesses.


Every child, no matter their ZIP code, deserves access to a quality public K-12 education and affordable post-secondary education. Our children’s lives are the fate of our economy. We know that as the global marketplace grows more competitive, we need to expand opportunities for quality education and useful job skills. I am dedicated to ensuring the next generation has access to the education that ensures they can excel in an ever-evolving job market. Education is one of the most pressing issues in America’s future, and we cannot allow our country to fall behind in a global economy. We must prepare the next generation for the opportunity to reach that horizon and succeed in the jobs of tomorrow. As a member of Congress, I will invest in our children and ensure every child has access to quality education. Read more here.

Labor Rights

The right to work in a safe environment is fundamental to all Americans. Strong labor unions lead to a robust middle class. Even in 2020, so many Americans, including here in Georgia, face restrictions on their ability to advocate for greater workplace protections. There are proven benefits for employers as well, including a stable and better-trained workforce, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and improved workplace communication. As a proud union member, I will fight for the right to organize the workplace and to be protected from retaliation or intimidation by management.

Women & Gender Equality

I believe in equal pay for equal work. The 1963 Equal Pay Act protects both men and women against wage discrimination, but today, in the 21st century, there is still rampant gender discrimination. On average, women only make $0.81 for every dollar a man makes. There is a need to enact more robust policies that tackles gender inequality and removes the remaining barriers that deny the full equity of women in the workplace. As a member of Congress, I will support legislation that ensures equal pay for women, paid family leave for all, and paid medical leave. I will also fight to ensure women have access to high-quality reproductive health care services.

Climate Change

Climate change is not a hoax but rather is a very serious reality. Climate change is one of our country’s greatest challenges and addressing this imperative danger could make America the world’s clean energy leader and create prosperity with millions of good-paying jobs. I am committed to champion the protection of our waterways, air, coasts, and communities from environmental hazards. As a member of Congress, I will fight to curb the effects of climate change, protect Georgia’s natural resources, and ensure the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations. I will work to strengthen these protections and create green jobs connected to environmental protection for Georgians. Additionally, I will advocate for policies that address climate change and prioritize preserving the health of our environment for the betterment of our citizens and economic prosperity. We must think of the world we want to leave for our children and grandchildren. Read more here.

Vote for me! I will fight for you.

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