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By making quality and affordable healthcare obtainable, President Obama delivered on a long-awaited promise that the American people had been in dire need of for decades. He, along with Vice President Biden, made history by signing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law in March 2010. This victory to the American people was the result of a huge fight opposed by politicians and big business and a long history of maintaining the status quo.

Although the ACA provided over 100 million Americans with the peace of mind from being denied coverage or paying sky high premiums due to pre-existing conditions, it’s still very much in danger. There are those who see quality healthcare as a luxury and the ACA has continued to face serious opposition since its establishment. However, healthcare is still a right—a basic right that we must protect.

The current COVID-19 pandemic shows us how ill-prepared our national healthcare system is in protecting the people. Serious improvements are needed. Sick Americans should not have to make difficult choices between seeking medical care and staying financially afloat. The pathway forward is to enhance the reach of the ACA and expand Medicaid and Medicare. As a Podiatric Surgeon and a prostate cancer survivor, I have seen both sides of the healthcare system. My fight against cancer exposed me with the high cost of obtaining essential medical services, prescriptions and devices, and repeated office visits. American healthcare is in a state of crisis and it will take someone who understands science and understands health to help resolve the many challenges and prioritize the health and safety of our communities.

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As your 3rd Congressional District Representative, I will actively work with Vice President Biden to do all that I can to protect the ACA from Republican efforts to dismantle it. Like VP Biden, I know that to make the ACA better isn’t to start over, but to expand choices offered, reducing costs and simplifying the entire system. I will align with other Democrats who are committed to preserving and protecting the ACA and the peace of mind it has brought to millions of Americans. And we will not allow a repeal by the Trump administration or any entity that plans to take health care away from tens of millions of Americans. The progress we have already made is significant but there is still work to be done to extend and maintain it for the coming generations.

As your 3rd Congressional District Representative, I will fight to:

  • Safeguard affordable care for Georgia’s elderly population
  • Support ACA with lower premiums, expand Medicaid, and expand Medicare coverage
  • Help alleviate the stigma of mental illness by making counseling services available and part of the healthcare system
  • Encourage the use of state and federal funding to help supply dependable healthcare to the poorest areas and to rural areas
  • Allocate funds to help protect women’s health issues

Together, we can make a more prosperous Georgia for everyone, and access to healthcare is critical.

Vote for me! I will fight for you.

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