Your Candidate Val

I am a retired physician who had the opportunity to practice medicine for several decades in medically under-served area with National Health Service Corps and in the military. So, why is a doctor running for congress? Well as you read on my Journey page, I have always been involved in serving my government and working in groups that represent people. When we look around us and see things we don’t like, injustices and inequality that are hurting our neighbors, our co-worker, and our presence to the rest of the country, we should do something about. How can I help instituting change? I decided to forgo my retirement for the opportunity to serve my district. I feel compelled to do more to make a difference.

I am a life-long Democrat. I am a veteran. I am a black man. I am an immigrant. I am a 28-year resident of Columbus, Georgia. I have served as the Vice-Chair of Muscogee County Democratic Committee, Delegate to Georgia Democratic Party, and Post Committee member. My background in medicine, serving in the U.S. Army, and working as a civil servant has given the background and insight into some of the prevailing issues that we could improve to make our country better.

What I am not is a rich man with nothing to do. I am not a “legacy”, with a family that have paved a way for me to keep things the same. I am not in support of money = power = government. I am not a slick politician with all the right words from years of misleading constituents and benefiting from my office. I am, however, a man who came to this country and fell in love with it. I worked hard to get a good education and provided for my family while enduring the injustices that are still all around us. So many of us cannot afford to wait for shallow promises.

I am ready for “someday” to be today! Now is the time.

All people of the 3rd Congressional district deserve a fighting representation in Congress. I want to be the one to fight for those who may feel that their voice no longer matters in Washington. With your vote, they won’t just hear us, they will listen. Join our team. Together we will succeed!

Vote for me! I will fight for you.