We made great advances fighting climate change and protecting our nation’s public lands, waterways, and air quality under President Obama. The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency issued new fuel-economy standards. The EPA also took steps to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from the largest concentrated source of emissions in the United States — coal-fired power plants. But under the Trump Administration, our country is now the sole nation in the world that is not a party to the Paris Agreement. Donald Trump has called climate change “a hoax invented by the Chinese,” and by choosing to ignore the consensus of the scientific community on climate change, he is putting our country’s health, security, and economy at risk.

We need to build on President Obama’s progress. Climate change is one of our country’s greatest challenges and addressing this imperative danger could make America the world’s clean energy leader and create prosperity with millions of good-paying jobs. The collaboration of the everyday people, the scientific community, and the public and the private sector is key to confronting our biggest environmental challenges and paving the way to a more sustainable America.

Democrats are committed to champion the protection of our waterways, air, coasts, and communities from environmental hazards. As a member of Congress, I will fight to curb the effects of climate change, protect Georgia’s natural resources, and ensure the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations. I will work to strengthen these protections and create green jobs connected to environmental protection for Georgians. Additionally, I will advocate for policies that address climate change and prioritize preserving the health of our environment for the betterment of our citizens and economic prosperity.

As your 3rd Congressional District Representative, I will fight to:

  • Support advancements in renewable energy respecting Georgia initiatives
  • Support a “no” vote for drilling off Georgia’s coastline
  • Fight for environmental equality by making sure that our low-income communities are not bearing the brunt of industrial and commercial projects
  • Fight to keep coal ash from our clean water supply
  • Safeguard our neighborhoods from climate change

Together, we can make a better Georgia.

Vote for me! I will fight for you.

A Stronger Georgia

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